Trailer Repair in Ellenwood, GA

Service Your Trailer Deserves -- L & N Truck Service

When you're towing a trailer, you want to know that your vehicle is performing its best. You need the engine to be up for hauling the load, whatever that is for your purposes. But how much thought do you give to the trailer? That also needs to be ready for the journey ahead! That's where L & N Truck Service can help, as our shop in Ellenwood, Georgia, has the services you need to bring the best out of your trailer. Our experienced technicians and service advisors provide comprehensive care and service to ensure you feel comfortable with your trailer's performance and reliability.

A Personalized Service

When you visit L & N Truck Service, know that you’re visiting professionals who are committed to providing you with more than just your standard repairs or maintenance. We want to get to know you and your trailer because we believe personalization is the way to a complete service. As soon as you walk-in, our service advisors take the time to learn about you and your trailer. What’s it’s driving history? What problems are you experiencing? What are you trying to get out of the service? These questions, and more, are crucial as our service advisors craft their service plan based on this information and from an inspection of your vehicle. They make sure to walk you through the entire service plan and answer any questions you have as well, so you can feel confident and at ease with the work being done.

Feel good about your service plan? Great, then our professional technicians get to work. With years of experience within the industry, our technicians are some of the best we have to offer. They stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices as well, to ensure your trailer is getting a quality service. And with resources sourced by FleetPride, know that only the best in tools and components are going into your vehicle.

Schedule a Service!

Does your trailer need to have its tires replaced? Or maybe it needs the suspension system repaired? Whatever your service needs may be, know that the team at L & N Truck Service is here to help you. Our shop in Ellenwood, Georgia, comes with high-quality parts and professionals who can bring the best out of your trailer. Using their years of experience and knowledge of our business, they’ll be able to perform any service to ensure your trailer is performing reliably for miles to come.

You can schedule your service by giving us a call at (770) 961-2505 and chatting with one of our service advisors. If you can’t make it to your appointment, feel free to utilize our early-bird or after-hours drop off service and stop by our shop on 5291 Highway 42. We can’t wait to bring you the best version of your trailer!